Privacy Policy

This website Mountain Eco Trails is a trekking company, based in the tourism sector of Nepal. We are a government-authorized trekking company under the law of the Nepal Government. 

Our valuable clients can get the information they need by using our website. And we hope our visitors or clients do not use our information randomly or illegally. If you do not accept our terms and conditions, we request you not use our website for any kind of information. 

Content of this website

The content we have put on this site is the facts about the trekking and tours of Nepal. Copying the content and using it on other sites is strictly prohibited. Likewise, the photos, logos, and other media we use here are for commercial purposes. Therefore, visitors are not allowed to copy or download any media from the website.

Personal Information of our clients

For the booking of every trekking and tour, we need your passport that clarifies your name, home address, and other details. All of your details are kept for only reservation and confirmation purposes. We do not expose your details to any other third parties unless it is compulsory to submit it. 

Links to other third-party websites

Our website has linked with other third-party websites which is useful for us. However, we do not have authority over those websites. Therefore, we do not suggest you click or put your personal information on those websites.