Tsho Rolpa TrekTsho Rolpa Trek

Tsho Rolpa Trek - 8 Days

  • DestinationNepal
  • Duration8 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Max. Altitude4700 meters
  • Starts/EndsChetchet/Chetchet
  • Trip StyleTrekking
  • Group SizeMin 1 Pax.
  • Best SeasonSpring and Autumn
  • The untouched Dudhkunda(4700m), which is highest point of the trip
  • Frozen Tsho Rolpa Lake surrounded by towering mountains, the largest glacial lake in Nepal
  • Rolwaling Valley, one of the seven hidden valleys of Nepal.
  • Breathtaking close-up mountain views of Gauri Shankar, Melungtse, Yulng Ri, Chukyima Go, and other snow-capped mountains
  • Explore the indigenous lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the Sherpa Community
  • Route along the Rolwaling River and Tama Koshi River passes through pristine forests, beautiful alpine meadows, and rocky moraines, offering a sense of solitude and serenity.

Tsho Rolpa Trek known as Rolwaling Valley Trek, is an unexplored trail that lies in Rolwaling Region that falls under Gaurishankar Conservation Area (GCA). A newly built well-managed trail under the Swiss Project offers you an opportunity to visit Tsho Rolpa Lake, one of the largest glacier lakes in Nepal, elevated at 4,580 meters. Additionally, it also takes you to the hidden gem of Rolwaling valley, Dudhkunda, a holy lake situated at an altitude of 4700 meters. Dudhkunda also known as the ‘Milk Lake’ holds great religious significance, attracting both Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims. This trek is somehow similar to Annapurna Circuit trek, combination of culture and mountains at the same time. 

The trek offers stunning panoramic views of peaks like Gauri Shankar (7145m), Melungtse (7181m), Yulng Ri (5630m), and Chukyima Go (6685m). These towering peaks provide a close-up sightseeing experience. Trials along the Rolwaling and Tama Koshi Rivers pass through various untouched landscapes, waterfalls, Sherpas settlements, and forests teeming with flora and fauna, with an occasional crossing of various wooden and suspension bridges.

The hidden Rolwaling Valley holds a spiritual shrine for the local Buddhist community and as a result, there is a prohibition to kill animals for meat after crossing Simi Gaun. No animals are harmed and only veg items are available. So, be prepared to get some power of local cuisine made of vegetables and fruits. 

Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake Trekking permit Card.

You will need two permit to do Tsho Rolpa Trek. TIMs (Trekkers Information Management System) and GCA (Gaurishankar Conservation Area ) are two trekking permits for Tsho Rolpa. TIMs costs you NRP 2000 (16 USD) and GCA costs you NPR 3000 (25 USD).

Best time to do Tsho Rolpa Trek

The ideal time to do Tsho Rolpa trek is during Spring (March to April) and Autumn (September to November). During these seasons, the sky is clear, the weather is pleasant and visibility is excellent compared to other times. This is when you can enjoy the best the mountain views, and the trails are less likely to be affected by rain or snow. It is a popular season for trekking and mountaineering in this region. However, Tsho Rolpa trek is not widely recognized yet, so many tea houses and lodges might be closed during the off-season. Therefore, if you plan to trek during the monsoon and winter seasons, we do not recommend it.

Keep in mind that Tsho Rolpa is situated at a high altitude, and mountain weather can be unpredictable. It is advisable to check the current weather conditions and consult with local authorities or experienced guides before finalizing your visit. Additionally, be prepared for cold temperatures, especially at higher elevations, and make sure you have suitable clothing and equipment for your trek or trip to Tsho Rolpa.

Altitude sickness prevention for Tsho Rolpa Trek

At higher altitudes, oxygen levels decrease, affecting the body unpredictably. Trekking above 3000 meters can cause mild altitude sickness symptoms like dizziness, headaches, nausea, and shortness of breath.

Tsho Rolpa Trek takes you to a maximum elevation of 4700 meters. There is high chances of altitude sickness, especially above 4000 meters where cold winds blow continuously. To reduce the risk, take precautions such as:

  • Walk on your own pace, never rush throughout the trek.
  • Always put a day or 2 extra days for your trip.
  • Drink vegetables soups as much as you can with you meals.
  • Avoid meat product as much as you can to maintain healthy diet.
  • Limit alcohol intake throughout the trek.
  • Stay hydrated with 4-5 liters of water daily.
  • If symptoms worsen, rest or descend to a lower altitude and inform your guide.

Why Tsho Rolpa Trek is unique than other treks in Nepal?

Tsho Rolpa trek is an off-beaten-path trekking trail known for its untouched natural beauty and breathtaking mountain views. Thanks to the Swiss Project, a recently constructed and well-maintained trail, trekkers can enjoy a truly unique experience. The main attractions of this trek include the magnificent Tsho Rolpa Lake, the hidden gem Dudhkunda "Milky Lake," magnificent mountain views and authentic local culutre. Throughout the journey, trekkers will traverse the Rolwaling and Tama Koshi rivers, pass through the culturally rich Sherpa community, and be mesmerized by the never-ending panoramic vistas of Gaurishankar and other majestic peaks offers a lifetime experience.

Trekking Gear For Tsho Rolpa Trek

General Gear:

  • Duffel Bag
  • Sleeping bag and down Jacket
  • Water and wind proof jacket
  • Day backpack
  • Small first aid kit
  • Water purifying pills.
  • Toiletries like towels, brush, paste, etc.

Upper Body Gear:

  • Pair of gloves
  • Warm hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Neck warmer
  • Sunscreen (more than 30 SPF)
  • Headlamps
  • Walking poles
  • Long sleeve t-shirts
  • Thermal High neck and tops
  • Woolen Jacket
  • Wind proof jacket

Lower Body Gear:

  • Thermal Trouser and wind proof trouser
  • Trekking pants
  • Casual Shorts for day time
  • Trekking Boots
  • 3-4 pair of woolen socks
  • Pair of flipflop

Most of the trekkers who are used to trekking in different part of the world have their own trekking gear. But if you are doing it for first time, then you must have at least above mentioned trekking gear with you.


Your adventurous trip to Rolwaling Valley begins with an 8-hour drive to Chetchet. The scenic drive along the Araniko Highway takes you to Dolakha District’s headquarters, Charikot for lunch. Afterward, the drive follows the bumpy and dusty roads, offering picturesque landscapes and stunning waterfalls. From Chetchet, a two-hour uphill hike to Simi Gaun for an overnight stay.

  • Max Altitude:2020 meters
  • Accommodation:Tea house
  • Time:8-9 Hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Start a day with breakfast in Simi Gaun, before embarking on the trail toward Dongdang via Uttise, Surmuche, and Kyalche. The scenic trail is full of excitement walking through the ups and downs inside dense lush green forest crossing various wooden and suspension bridges. After approximately 3 hours, reach Surmuche for a delightful lunch. As the adventure continues enjoy blooming Rhododendron flowers, greenery, waterfalls, and birdsong. After another 3 hours, arrive at Dongdang for an overnight stay.

  • Max Altitude:2800 meters
  • Accommodation:Tea house
  • Time:6-7 Hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today's journey starts from the Rolwaling Valley's initial point, Dongdang. The path follows the enchanting Rolwaling River, crossing multiple suspension bridges through a vibrant forest adorned with Rhododendrons, beautiful waterfalls, and the majestic presence of Gaurishanker in the background.

After about two hours of walking, take a lunch break in Thangding. Then, pass by a sacred temple, an ancient Buddhist gumba, and fluttering prayer flags. The awe-inspiring view of snow-capped mountains will accompany you for nearly three hours. Finally, reach the Sherpa Village of Beding for an overnight stay.

  • Max Altitude:3690 meters
  • Accommodation:Tea house
  • Time:6-7 Hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today is an acclimatization day, during which you'll take a two-hour walk from Beding to Naa Gaun. Before starting the walk, enjoy a delicious breakfast and explore the enchanting and scenic Bedding village, nestled at the foothills of the majestic Gaurishanker Himal. The village offers delightful sights of yaks, naks, and monasteries.

Next, hike to an ancient Buddhist Monastery perched on a rock for a breathtaking view of the village, lush forests, and the majestic mountain range. Afterward, return to the lodge for a satisfying lunch and walk for Naa Gaun to spend the night.

  • Max Altitude:4183 meters
  • Accommodation:Tea House
  • Time:2-3 Hours Hike
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today marks a significant day of your trek as you set off for Tso Rolpa and Dudhkunda Lake. Starting early in the morning, trek for approximately 2-3 hours to Tsho Rolpa. The trail becomes more challenging as you cross a suspension bridge over the Rolwaling River. Despite the short distance, the altitude surpasses 4200 meters, making it challenging hike.

Upon reaching Tsho Rolpa, witness the awe-inspiring views of majestic peaks and a turquoise lake surrounded by barren hills and towering mountains. Have a delightful breakfast while admiring the magnificent view.

Next, embark on another 2-3 hour hike to Dudhkunda, The trail from Tsho Rolpa Lake to Dudhkunda is challenging, requires technical skills as you navigate through rocky moraines at the foot of the mountains. Spend an hour exploring the lake, taking photographs, and immersing yourself in its tranquil ambiance before hiking back to Naa Gaun. Overnight stay at Naa Gaun.

  • Max Altitude:4700 meters
  • Accommodation:Tea House
  • Time:6-7 Hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After a warm breakfast in Naa, begin the descent down the steep path toward Bedding. The trail follows the Rolwaling River, with captivating views of the magnificent Gaurishankar mountain ahead. After having a delightful lunch in Beding journey continues along the same trail. The trail passes by a holy temple, an ancient Buddhist monastery, and colorful prayer flags adorning the path until you reach Thanding. Spending a night in Thanding, nestled amidst a dense forest, will be a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Max Altitude:4183 meters
  • Accommodation:Tea House
  • Time:6-7 Hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast in Thanding, retrace the same trails back to Simi Gaun. The path will take you through a dense forest, offering glimpses of waterfalls and crossing suspension bridges. After about three hours of walking, reach Kyalche for a leisurely lunch and a short rest. The journey will be relatively easy as you descend from higher altitudes. After three hours of descent with a few uphill sections, you'll arrive at Simi Gaun, where you'll spend the night.

  • Max Altitude:2020 meters
  • Accommodation:Tea House
  • Time:5-6 Hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The final day of the trek starts with breakfast and participating in farewell rituals at the lodge. Afterward, you will descend to Chetchet, from where you will drive back to Kathmandu by sharing a jeep. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous religious site Dolakha Bhimsen and enjoy lunch in Charitot before reaching your hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Max Altitude:1400 meters
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Time:7-8 Hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, dinner
What's Included
  • Transportation costs from Kathmandu-Chetchet-Kathmandu 
  • Gaurishankhar Coservation Area Permit Card.
  • Restricted Area permit card. 
  • 8 Days guide expenses including his salary, accommodation, and meals. 
  • Meals during the trek including breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
What's not Excluded
  • Personal expenses including drinks, hot water, battery charge costs, etc. 
  • Porter (if you need it costs 20 USD per day)
  • Private Jeep (USD 250)
  • Travel Insurance and emergency rescue evacuation. 
  • Tips for guide and porter 
Select a Departure Month
Start DateEnd DatePriceStatus 
Start DateStarts: ThursdayAug 15, 2024End DateEnds: ThursdayAug 22, 2024PricePriceUS$650StatusStatusAvailable
Start DateStarts: TuesdayAug 20, 2024End DateEnds: TuesdayAug 27, 2024PricePriceUS$650StatusStatusAvailable
Start DateStarts: FridayAug 30, 2024End DateEnds: FridaySep 06, 2024PricePriceUS$650StatusStatusAvailable

The departure date we have set for Tsho Rolpa Trek is fixed. If you have large group of more than 10 Pax. please contact us for more price discount and details. 

Good to Know

Accommodation During the Tsho Rolpa Trek:

The accommodation is basic Tea house. You can also call it as a tea house trek. The bedrooms are on sharing basis with twin bedrooms. You can rarely find private rooms with attached bathroom in the tea houses of this trail. 

Meals During the Trek:

You can find only vegetable meals througout the trek. It is because local people doesn't kill the animals to eat the meat. Most of the tea houses have their set meals like set breakfast, set lunch and dinner. You can choose from the manu items and enjoy the local cuisine. In the breakfast, you can get food like cereals, milk with muesli, omelette, tea, and coffee. Likewise, in the lunch you can enjoy Nepali Daal Bhat, noodles, spaghetti, pasta, etc. And for dinner, you can have vegetable salads, dal bhat, soups, etc. 

Travel Insurance: 

Always carry yout travel insurance with you. It is very important to have a travel insurance with you throughout the trek. If in case of emergencies you can contact with you insurance company. Moreover, please leave us a copy of your insurance before you dapart for your trek. 

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