Wildlife Tours in Nepal

Wildlife Tours in Nepal-Chitwan Tour

An exceptional chance to discover Nepal's natural beauties, especially the abundant wildlife and biodiversity of Chitwan National Park, is provided by a Chitwantour. What to anticipate from a tour of Chitwan is as follows:

Jungle Safari: Renowned for its varied fauna, Chitwan National Park is home to numerous bird species, one-horned rhinoceroses, Asian elephants, and the elusive Bengal tiger. You can search for these amazing animals by exploring the park’s rivers, grasslands, and dense forests on a jungle safari. There are three ways to go on safari: by boat, in jeeps, or on elephants. Each method offers a unique viewpoint on the ecosystem of the park.

Canoe Ride: Take a serene trip alongside Chitwan National Park on the Rapti River. Many bird species, marsh mugger crocodiles, and possibly rhinos and elephants cooling off in the river can all be seen during the ride. The peaceful setting offers the chance to see wildlife in its natural habitat and go birdwatching.

Elephant Breeding Center: You can learn about the conservation efforts to save these magnificent animals at the elephant breeding center located in Chitwan. Under the supervision of park rangers, you can watch baby elephants, learn about their behavior, and even take part in activities like feeding them.

Experience the Culture of the Tharu People: The native Tharu people have a distinctive and lively culture. Visits to Tharu villages, where you can engage with the people, discover their customs, take in traditional dance performances, and even spend time in a homestay to get a firsthand look at their way of life, are a common part of Chitwan tours.

Birdwatching and Nature Walks: With the assistance of knowledgeable naturalists, you can stroll the park's trails and observe a variety of flora and fauna at Chitwan National Park's guided nature walks. Chitwan is especially enjoyable for birdwatchers because it is a birdwatcher's paradise with a wide variety of bird species living there.

Elephant Bathing: A unique experience, taking part in elephant bathing is provided by some Chitwan tours. The elephants are bathed and scrubbed in the river by the

mahouts, who look after the animals. This activity benefits these gentle giants' wellbeing and offers a chance to interact with them.

Jeep Safari and Night Safari: In addition to the conventional jungle safari, Chitwan also provides jeep safaris, which cover a larger portion of the park and raise the likelihood of seeing wildlife. Some tours also offer night safaris, which allow you to enter the park after dark and give you a chance to see nocturnal animals and see the jungle in a new way.

An unforgettable and enlightening experience, a Chitwan tour is a great way to take Nepal's natural beauty, see wildlife, and interact with local cultures.