About Us

Vision and Mission

Mountain Eco Trails has a vision to stand out as one of the best trekking and tour-selling companies in Nepal. Trekking and Tour services include adventure and classic treks in Nepal, adventurous sports like mountain biking, rock climbing, river rafting, wildlife tours, cultural heritage tours, Helicopter tours to the highest mountains in the world, Agri-tourism practices, and many other exciting tours.

And, our mission is to deliver top-quality trekking and tour services at an affordable price. We provide top-notch services to any level of tourists and help them explore every corner of Nepal. Likewise, our motive is to make sure that our tourism business promotes the local culture, generates income for local people, and importantly helps in preserving the eco-system as well.

Why choose Mountain Eco Trails?

First and foremost, we are a local trekking company instituted by Tourism experts in Nepal. We have spent several years in the Tourism sector, did research about Tourism in Nepal, and even employed as a guide and porter before inaugurating the company

  • Our priority is the safety of our clients and satisfaction throughout the trip. Your satisfaction is our happiness. We make sure that you enjoy your trip physically and mentally. Likewise, we always keep up to date about our client's health condition throughout the treks or tours.
  • Fixed Departures, either on group or Private ones. For those who want to join the small groups and experience the adventure, we also arrange the group that suits your interests. Likewise, for private trekking and tours, we always listen to your plans first and then we make a tailor-made itinerary and organize it accordingly.
  • Qualified and technically trained guides that make your trip memorable, enjoyable, and importantly calmly handle altitude sickness situations.
  • We always believe in equality. The guides and Porters are paid fairly and we do take care of them as our family members.
  • Prompt customer service and we are 24/7 at your service whenever you require any trekking and travel-related queries.

How does Mountain Eco Trails make your trip hassle-free and successful?

Mountain Eco Trails takes care of our clients from their arrival until they depart from Nepal. We always focus on how we can deliver the client trip satisfaction, their safety, and importantly adventurous trip.

  • Mountain Eco Trails Team member will pick you up from the Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu after your arrival. One of our representatives will be there waiting for you with your name on a Pamphlet. Then, you will be taken to your Hotel safely in a private vehicle.
  • Before the departure of your trip, our guide will recheck all your trekking gear and equipment if something is missing or not.
  • All the necessary paperwork like permit cards, flight ticketing, etc. is arranged by Mountain Eco Trails. 
  • At higher elevations, our trekking expert staff provides you with enough time for acclimatization. Your trekking guide will give you some advice on how to be active during the time of acclimatization.
  • Out trekking experts are constantly in communication with Head Office during the whole trip. They will provide us the updates and conditions about our valuable clients throughout the trip.
  • We suggest our clients do some physical exercises for a month before they depart for Nepal.
  • If you have unnecessary baggage which you don’t want to carry during your trek then, you can store it in our office.
  • We treat our clients like a member of our family. Our hospitality will never be a question.

Important Messages from Mountain Eco Trails

  • First of all before you head to Nepal, get Travel Insurance that covers your damaged goods, lost bags, and even in case of evacuation from a higher altitude.
  • After you arrive in Nepal, always be careful while eating the meals outside in the restaurant. This is because unhealthy meals before the Trip can ruin your whole trip to Nepal.
  • During the trek, it is very important to drink plenty of water. At higher altitudes, you may start to feel the Acute Mountain Sickness if you are dehydrated. We suggest drinking at least 4 liters of water a day.
  • Likewise, always follow the steps of the guide during the trek. You can ask any doubtful questions about the places you have in your mind. The guide will explain about it to you.
  • During the circumstance of Altitude sickness, never get panicked or get stressed. Once you feel the symptoms of sickness, always inform your guide. The guide can help you in this situation. If the situation gets worse, then the Guide communicates with us for the rescue process.
  • Never drink Alcohol, Wine, cigars, or other beverages during the trek at higher altitudes. Moreover, we also don’t recommend eating non-veg products as they are not hygienic.
  • Always give an extra day in your trip plan to Nepal. Sometimes it may take a day or two to return from the trek because of Bad Weather. Your tight schedule on the whole trip might backfire against you.
  • During the trek, we suggest you minimize the use of plastic bottles, paper brochures, plastic materials, etc. Our small steps can help in the protection of nature.